The Bath Artisans

Representative of the Bath Artisans' Artworks.

Turquoise Mountain

Alcohol Inks by Sabine Sousa

Flamingo Cove

Ink and Watercolour by Sabine sousa

Killarney Provincial Park

Oil in canvas by Elizabeth Tyner 16 x 20

“Fire: Fort McMurray 2016”

Oil on canvas by Elizabeth Tyner 16 x 20

"Rocky Shore"

Acrylic Pour by Donna Robinson $200.00

Royal Purple

Acrylic Painting by Donna Robinson $350.00

Funky Flowers

Joan Salomaa 16x20 oil $300.

"call to the sea"

Joan Salomaa 16x20 oil $300.


Sonia Lemishka acrylic - 12"x12" $150.00


Sonia Lemishka acrylic - 14"x11" $250.00


Geraldine Hogaboam Textured Acrylic on Canvas Size: 30” x 20” Sold

Paul Klee in Lumberjack Plaid

By Geraldine Hogaboam Watermedia on Paper Size: 22” x 18” Framed NFS

" Early Spring"

By Mary Lockhart 8"x10" painting collage/mixed media

".A Distant Shore"

By Mary Lockhart 9"x12"painting Acrylic

Glass Vase

Zak Sieben

Path of Hope

by Michelle Hutchinson 20x16, Acrylic, $375

Shimmering Lights Remind Us

By Michelle Hutchinson Acrylic, 12x12, $150

Now, listen up

By Trudy Carkner Oil on canvas 15” H x 27” W.

Garden Surprise

By Trudy Carkner Oil on canvas 30” H x 41” W.

Nelson Freedman

"La Luna Plata"

Marion Janssens


Marion Jansessens


Sandra Steinhause

Sea Glass Art

Paulette Batchilder

Peggy's Cove Pastel Painting

Paulette Batchilder

Sunflower in Watercolour

Doug Simmons

Italian Courtyard

Judy Simmons

Oriental Lady Windom

Patricia Weir

'Noemi Chuaqui

Sushi Dish Slumped Glass

Noemi Chuaqui


Susan Balog

Susan Balog

Fish Stage Bonavista Neewfoundland

Peggy Lum -Brouillard

Blue Peacock 11 30 x 40 mixed media

Peggy Lum-Brouillard

La Poire 30 x36 mixed media

Carolyn Huff-Winters

Winter Sunset on the Old Elm

Carolyn Huff-Winters

On the Ridge Charcoal on Paoer

Carol Jackson

Snack Time

Carol Jackson

Blue Jay in the Pines

Susan Swackhammer

Cherry Blossoms

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