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Bath Artisans Constitution & Bylaws ***January 2024*** 


Mission Statement 

The Bath Artisans (BA) mission is to promote interaction among members by sharing our knowledge in an enthusiastic and enjoyable manner through meetings  and workshops. We will encourage members working in diverse mediums and  inform and educate each other in our rich variety of artistic endeavors. We support the display and sale of the creative pieces in our local and remote venues.  We will contribute our talents in the community by getting involved as  opportunities arise.  


We in the BA believe that all members should be: 

a. treated with respect and dignity and have their privacy protected;

b. offered opportunities to be heard and have their opinions valued;

c. recognized and appreciated for their efforts and services in volunteering; and, 

d. reimbursed for pre-approved out of pocket expenses. 

We urge all members to: 

a. treat every individual fairly, with dignity and respect; 

b. act honestly, truthfully and with integrity in all interactions with other  members and with the public; 

c. avoid conflicts of interest in BA dealings; 

d. accept responsibility for their decisions, actions and the consequences; and,

e. safeguard the rights, welfare and safety of all. 


Members who do not act in accordance with these values shall be held accountable to discretionary action based on the decision of the Executive. 


Article 1 - General Information

a) The group shall operate under the name of “Bath Artisans”.

b) The principal meeting place of the Bath Artisans is St John’s Hall, Bath  Ontario. 

c) Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month (except July, August and December) at a time designated by the President. If the second Monday of the month is a holiday, then the meeting will be held on an  alternate Monday. 

d) Workshops and/or presentations, as well as outings, may be arranged by  the Education Committee. Some workshops and/or presentations may  require a participation fee for members/guests. 

∙ Guest speakers, including BA members, requested to do a demonstration or presentation at a regular meeting will receive an honorarium to assist with expenses, at the discretion of the Executive.  

e) Members are invited to present their creative pieces for inclusion on the display wall or in the display case of St. John’s Hall gallery which takes place several times a year.  

∙ If a piece is removed from the hall gallery during this time, it is to  be replaced so as not to leave an empty place and the hanging committee is to be notified.  

∙ An exception to this is if the piece is removed for a weekend show  where the piece is removed immediately before the show and  replaced immediately following. 

f) All sales from the hall gallery are to be the direct responsibility of the  artist/artisan and the hanging committee is to be notified.


Article 2 - Membership in Bath Artisans: 

a) Membership is open to anyone who is engaged in some form of creative  art.  

∙ Potential new members are to present themselves and their creative pieces  at a monthly meeting for a meet and greet. 

∙ Their work should be one of a kind and be original in design.

∙ The Executive or designated members will decide the appropriateness of the samples provided. (i.e. determine if the work is original or artistic etc.) 

b) Membership requires payment of annual membership dues. These must be  paid by the September meeting for the upcoming year. 

c) The fiscal year is January 1 to December 31. 

d) New members may join at any time during the calendar year and must pay dues upon joining. Fees shall not be prorated. However, for example, if  joining in September or later, membership can be paid for the upcoming  year. 

e) Only those members who have paid their dues are qualified to vote at  elections or motions at meetings. 

f) Only paid up members may participate in any of our art shows and displays in the BA gallery at St. John’s Hall.  

∙ Any BA member showing any creative piece must sign a waiver agreeing to accept responsibility for any loss or damage and release  BA, the Executive and the venue from any liability. See Waiver Release, Appendix A. 

g) Members must be paid up members in the current year for two months before they can participate in the gallery or participate in a Bath Artisans  show. 

h) All members are expected to attend at least 30% of meetings and to volunteer to help the group in any way possible; i.e. participate on a committee; helping at monthly meetings, etc.


Article 2B - Honorary Membership:  

An Honorary Member is: 

∙ A member in good standing. 

∙ Has been an active member of the group. 

∙ Has a situation arise, that through ill health or other circumstances beyond  their control, prevents them from being an active participant. 

a) Honorary members must be nominated by a member in good standing at any time during the calendar year, but must be elected by a majority vote of the members in attendance at the first meeting following the nomination. 

b) Members wishing to nominate someone as a candidate for Honorary Membership will put forth the member’s name, to the current  Executive. The suggestion shall be brought forward at the next monthly meeting but shall not be voted on until the following meeting. It will be put on the agenda and be voted on and require a majority of the members present or by proxy or email. 


An Honorary Member is entitled to: 

a) Attend BA meetings, special workshops, or events such as the Christmas  party without paying annual dues. 

b) Show representative pieces in any exhibition set up by the group.

An Honorary Member is not entitled to: 

a) Vote or stand for office. 


Should circumstances change for an existing honorary member, that would  enable them to become an active member again, they should be able to change  their status by paying their membership dues.


Article 3 - Executive Officers: 

∙ The Executive Officers of Bath Artisans shall be; President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. These officers shall be elected annually by a majority vote of the paid up members either present at the meeting, by proxy or by email. Other positions, as deemed necessary may be appointed by  the elected executive officers. 

∙ Nominations for the next executive to take place at the October meeting and the elections will take place at the November meeting. 

∙ Each officer may stand for election as often as they wish. 

∙ Any officer elected or appointed may be removed when it is deemed that  the best interests of the Bath Artisans would be served by such removal.  This would be accomplished by a majority vote of members present or by  proxy or email. 

∙ A vacancy in any office may be filled by a majority vote of members present  or by proxy or email for the remaining portion of a term of the current year. 

∙ Signing officers for the Bank Account consist of the current President,  Treasurer and Secretary. Two signatures are required on cheques written on behalf of Bath Artisans. 

∙ The Executive holds the ultimate responsibility for contracting or approving  expenditures, in accordance with the annual budget approved by the  membership. Unforeseen discretionary amounts of less than $200 may be approved without having to resort to a vote by the full membership. 

∙ The Executive may form an ad hoc committee at any time to work on committee roles, or any other issues as the need arises. The work of these  committees will be presented to the Executive and may be presented to the membership for approval. 

∙ Additional meetings to further promote the purposes of the BA may be called by the Executive or by one of the committees.


Article 3A - Duties and Responsibilities of Executive: 


∙ Presides over monthly meetings and any executive meetings.

∙ Compiles agendas for each meeting which are sent out by email one week  prior to meetings. Those without email will assume responsibility for contacting a fellow member to obtain this information. 

∙ Oversees the smooth running of the group in collaboration with the  members of the Executive. 

∙ Has signing authority for cheques. 

∙ Calls executive meetings when deemed necessary. 

∙ Does not vote on motions except to break a tie vote. 

∙ Is the spokesperson for the group. 


Vice President: 

∙ Supports the President in the above tasks. 

∙ Performs the duties of President in their absence and/or other duties as required. 

∙ Can act as a co-signer on financial transactions. 


Past President: 

∙ Supports the President in the above tasks. 

∙ Provides continuity in the group’s development. 

∙ Chairs the Nominations Committee for the purpose of electing new  executive officers. 

∙ Announces upcoming elections, accepts nominations in October and manages the election process in November.



Recording Secretary: 

∙ Records the minutes of monthly and executive meetings which are  distributed to the membership or Executive respectively, within a  reasonable time after prior approval from the President. 

∙ Keeps a record of the minutes of each monthly and executive meeting.  Any notes taken at such meetings, including the attendance sheets, are kept for reference. 

∙ Reads any correspondence to the group at meetings. 

∙ Has signing authority for cheques. 



∙ Collects all new membership dues and sends member contact information  to the group for reference in the 1st Quarter of the year. 

∙ Collects yearly dues from all members by the end of September per Article  2B. 

∙ Maintains the accurate membership roster. 

∙ Collects and disburses all monies relating to Bath Artisans.

∙ Submits the Treasurer Report to the membership and Executive at  meetings and presents an Income Statement at year end. 

∙ The financial accounts and other books of BA shall be made available for inspection by any member’s reasonable request. 

∙ Has signing authority for cheques. 


Article 4 – Governance: 

∙ Meetings are held to conduct the business of the Bath Artisans.

∙ Meetings are chaired by the President or the Vice President in the absence  of the President. 

∙ To ensure the orderly, civil and timely progress of the meeting, the members shall address each other with respect. Each person wishing to speak shall raise their hand until the president acknowledges them, and  then wait until they are called upon.


∙ A motion from the floor is needed when: 

1. Any expenditures not previously budgeted for, and over $200, shall  require approval of the membership. 

2. Decisions involving the Bath Artisans as a group. 

3. Any changes to the bylaws of the Bath Artisans. This change needs a 2/3  majority of the membership voting at the next meeting, present or by  proxy or email. The proposed change must be sent to the membership  one month before the vote. 


Article 5 - Additional Committees: 

∙ Communications Committee: The assigned member(s) will oversee all  advertising for any upcoming shows and sales. 

∙ Card Committee: Cards are sent to any member who is ill or hospitalized or  has a death in the immediate family. This member shall purchase cards and  stamps as necessary and be reimbursed. 

∙ Education Committee: The assigned member(s) will, with the help of the  members, arrange demonstrations and/or guest speakers for meetings,  workshops and outings of interest as available.  

∙ Hanging Committee: The assigned member(s) will install each new showing  of the permanent exhibition in the St. John’s Hall gallery. This will be done  at the call of the Committee, usually two to three times yearly. 

∙ WebMaster: The assigned member(s) will keep the information on the  website. Members are requested to update this committee in a timely  fashion. 

∙ Show Committee: The assigned member(s) will oversee the organization of  scheduled shows. 


Article 6 - Dissolution of the Bath Artisans: 

Upon dissolution of the Bath Artisans organization the club assets, including all  properties and all monies will be dispersed by all remaining members. The  allocation of assets will be discussed at that time.


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