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Armelle Leblanc

Armelle Leblanc is a self-taught artist that has recently moved to Kingston, from Toronto, Ontario. She was born in Doue', France and moved to Canada in 1965. Her family settled in Oakville, Ontario, where she lived until moving to Toronto to attend Seneca College. She studied Fashion Design and Merchandising and after graduating, began a career in Retail Management in Toronto, a field where she  worked until 2022.

Armelle developed a love of art and creating at a very young age, but didn't see it as a career  choice. After starting her merchandising career, she didn't paint for almost 15 years. After a life  changing event, she began sketching as a way of healing. She then began painting again about 30 years   ago - always up for a challenge, she started with one of the most difficult mediums- watercolour. This  became her primary medium for many years , and how she reconnected with her passion for art. She  did a brief stint with alcohol ink and acrylic ink. The fluid nature of these mediums allowed her to let
loose and experiment. There is very little control with alcohol ink and the outcome can be surprising  and unpredictable. However, the need to create more intense texture and layers led her to make the  switch to acrylic paint 5 years ago. This is the medium she works in today.

Armelle has exhibited her work at numerous art fairs and galleries throughout Ontario. She has sold pieces within Canada and internationally. She is an active member of VAGA gallery in Gananoque, the Bath Artisans and the Organization of Kingston Women's Artists.

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